I guess I’m THAT mom…

So I’ve got two kids. My daughter is 4 and my son will be 2 at the end of August. He’s crazy. Like…help me Jesus keep him alive. I realized this morning that 90% of the words that come out of my mouth on a daily basis are, “Be careful!” or “Don’t do that!”. This of course is after I’m telling both kids to stop pushing each other in the computer chair. Only my son, Kael, was STANDING in it and my daughter was turning him around at a rate of speed that was too fast for me. (Yes…mild heart attack moment)

Apparently this is normal. WHAT?! Everyone I have talked to has said that this is what kids do. Well yes I know that’s what kids do but sometimes I feel like I’m going insane. Am I alone in feeling like some days just SUCK? Here’s literally what just happened as I typed that last sentence.

Kael took the string cheese he smuggled out of the fridge at 7am (it’s 9:43am currently) and started to pull it apart. I told him to stop and throw it away. He went to the couch and stuffed the cheese in the cushions. I pulled it out only to find other food crumbs and a toy ostrich. I’m now thinking this is treasure box. So I go to throw it away and he falls to the floor in tears. I have crushed his soul apparently.

Situations like this happen at least 10 times a day. While it may not seem like a big deal to you…it is to me after the 5th time. This is EVERYDAY and usually when I turn my back or leave the room I come back to him sitting on the table. A person can only take so much frustration at a time. And don’t get me started on lack of sleep…that’s a whole other topic. It’s like I don’t do anything right or am told that all I do is complain about my kids. I get on FB and heaven forbid you announce you are having a rough day because let the flood gate of judgement come flapping open. 

I read all these blogs about moms shouldn’t judge one another but we do. Let’s face it we do. We see that mom that ONLY posts happy/positive posts and that’s great. That really is awesome! Or the mom that always posts about how her kids are driving her crazy and how bad they are. Well that sucks. I know those that only post happy things do have bad days and choose to not share. That’s okay. I know those that post crappy things have good days too…but just don’t say it. That’s okay too! 

I guess I’m just tired of caring if I am going to make someone question my parenting skills if I say I’m having a bad day. I think this picture says it all.


Pretty sure I found it on Pinterest…my happy place. 

My life is not perfect and in no way shape or form do I pretend like it is. I just share what I WANT to share and I’m at the point where I don’t care anymore. I have never really cared what people thought of me in the past but after reading posts and blogs about what we should do as moms and what we shouldn’t do…I’m thinking…mind your business. 

So when I say I guess I’m THAT mom I think it’s I’m that mom that posts about everything. We have good days and we have bad days and I share both. Some may out weigh the other but guess what…that’s okay. I love my children and that can never be questioned. We laugh daily and no one can change that. We cry daily and that’s okay too. So go on thinking what you want about this mom or that mom…because if they are like me…we simply don’t care. We’ve got cheese to get out of our cushions. 

Thanks for reading my vent post…I’ve got to get my child who I’ve neglected while writing this. 🙂



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